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About Us



The C2 Group a global network of companies is founded by Rod Johnson who identified an opportunity to create an exquisite bespoke service to people of all backgrounds instead of your traditional hnwi .Today Rod C2 Group HQ based in Hertford  and manages international sales and customer relations with particular focus on the Concierge industry. Jose heads up operations in Dubai managing logistics, brand partnerships and critically overseeing the production of all of C2 Groups network based clients.

C2 Group was created differently from inception.

Firstly we choose not to compete with the traditional companies, but instead chose to create our own market.

Secondly we created services that were not only unique to the market but every single brand partner are individually selected by our board of committee to ensure we can personal guarantee the deliverance of an exceptional service.

Thirdly, we always challenge ourselves to be different from our competitors. 

My motto is simple brand everything and stand out.

Rod Johnson


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