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CCTV Operators

Expertly trained and licensed SIA operators add measurable value to your CCTV configuration. Our specialist system operators are trained to identify suspicious people or security risks before they become a serious accidents. They will take appropriate action to prevent loss of stock, property damage, fraud, and other security breaches, all with minimal disruption and without drawing unnecessary attention.

Close Protection

All operators are SIA licensed and trained to provide a discreet security solution, a service we offer to many HNWI customers and individuals globally. Our security operations centre is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week. The intelligence service supports deployed teams and consultants and highlights potential risks so that they can be mitigated without disrupting client plans.


Mobile CCTV & Drone

Remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), also known as drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), are available in various sizes and shapes, from small, portable types too large, potentially unique, similar in size to airplanes.

Like any other aircraft, a drone must always fly safely, both in relation to other aircraft in flight and to property and persons on the ground.

The drones can be used for commercial purposes and for aerial surveillance of incident, border protection, and perimeter images that transmit live images in the vehicle or at the command and control centre.

Event Security

We provide courteous, professional, trained, uniformed Event Security personnel to meet all your requirements. With our familiarity of local and our expertise in security and crowd control we can assist you with your preparation to ensure that the event is a success with minimal concerns or problems to the client.


Private Investigations

Black Eagle Security officials are discreet, professional, and precise in assessing and collecting information as part of an investigation.

In some cases, the project will involve an investigation of a person or organization to establish facts about the operational arrangements. Our investigators and highly qualified experts have experience in private and corporate investigations and operate according to a strict, professional, and discreet code of conduct.

Our experienced covert and undercover teams have proven to be very effective in identifying unknown areas of business loss or in gathering valuable information and intelligence in support of civil or criminal matters.

Elite Security Drivers

All of our security drivers have the highest advanced training. They are advanced police drivers or former specialist military drivers. We have selected the best options between protection and specialization of rights (RaSP - formerly SO1 and SO14) or the UK Special Forces Group. Exemplary driving skills are a prerequisite. Their extensive training and UK government standard approval is second to none.

You can be sure that our elite drivers are one of the most trained and fastest growing protection drivers in the UK.



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